Weighing in With Joy Agness


WeddTV was at the Jamaica Bridal Expo in Montego Bay and there was so much happening! Booths to visit, a live wedding, a fashion show and guest speakers at the top of their game. We’ll be sharing tips with you inspired by our experience at the Expo. Today we’ll be talking about a very special guest speaker.

Have you ever been drawn to someone almost immediately? WeddTV felt this way about Joy Agness from the moment this amazing guest speaker took the stage at the 2014 Jamaica Bridal Expo in Montego Bay. Of course this feeling grew even more when we were given the opportunity to meet and interview her. Joy Agness is the CEO of Joy Agness Events. She is a wedding planner extraordinaire based in the United States and has over twenty five years of experience under her belt. It was not just the knowledge that Joy imparted, but the way that she did it. The passion for her craft came out with each word she spoke.

Joy presentingShe spoke about presenting yourself in the market place. Ms. Agnes reminded wedding planners to keep calm and to be in control. No one wants a planner who is easily flustered or appears uncertain. She also shared another important ‘C’ with us; creative! You’ve got to keep things interesting. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. As Ms. Agnes pointed out, wedding planners need to listen to their couples. Get to know them and get a good feel for what they want for their wedding day. In doing so, she advised strongly against allowing a bride to go with all the ideas she may have gotten from a friend’s wedding. Hear her out but steer her towards finding a vision of her own for you to bring to life. This is also important for you as you do not want guests at the wedding to get a feeling of déjà vu because they have seen similar décor, etc. at another wedding. This does not allow you to set yourself apart and be memorable.

During the wedding planning process it is quite common for family and friends to get involved sometimes to the point that it can prove to be a hindrance to the planner. You must learn to put your foot down when necessary, politely of course. Keep in mind that you are employed by the bride and groom, and not their family and friends. When family and friends impede the process, it’s time to have a meeting with your bride and groom. Another thing she pointed out is that event planners should build relationships. Do not view a wedding as a one time thing. Couples come back for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Also remember that bridesmaids and groomsmen should be able to view their experience with you as pleasant and professional; they could potentially be your next client.

An audience member at the conference asked Ms. Agness for advice. She stated that she is a wedding planner and recently had a couple who specified that their red wine should be served with ice. “How would you handle this?” she asked Ms. Agness. Her response,”Don’t lower your standards for anyone.” I would give her a glass of ice and a glass of red wine and tell her to do it. Quite often as a planner you have demands placed upon you which you know are not proper etiquette or not realistic. You need to know what to give in to and what is simply not up for debate. At the end of the day, everything reflects on you, the planner.

We are quite certain that persons walked away from Ms. Agness’ presentation with helpful tips. We certainly did!

WeddTV with Joy Agness
WeddTV team members posing for a quick pic with Joy Agness

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